Andrea Napoli Real Estate

A brand story allows for a deeper connection with your audience – introducing who you are as a brand, your story, and your value.

Delaware County Christian School

In this website header video, highlighting the vast campus and impactful learning happening at Delaware County Christian School was important. Website header videos are a great way to highlight your business and add engaging video to the top of your website.

Crane Communications

This social media video highlighting all that the Brandywine Valley has to offer, gives the audience a first-person perspective of a day spent in the Brandywine Valley. Natural conversations draw the viewer in and make the audience feel like they are a part of the journey. 


This brand introduction video was a part of two-part series – this particular one aimed toward potential parents who might be using the platform, introducing what it is, and how it can help. 

Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital

“Meet the Team” videos are important at Bridgeport Veterinary Hospital! The group uses video storytelling to introduce their team members to their clients – so potential patients feel familiar with the entire Bridgeport family before ever walking through their doors. 

West Chester Food Cupboard

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we relied heavily on video to create connections and keep relationships strong. This video highlights the Food Cupboard’s efforts throughout the Pandemic and introduces the new process the group rolled out through the Pandemic to potential clients.

Oregon Dairy

In an effort to spread the word about their Farm Tours, Oregon Dairy had a goal of producing a video to show what all the Tours had to offer. This video takes the community along for the ride of a Farm Tour and shows what it’s all about. 

Fraser Advanced Information Systems

Showcasing your brand is so important in recruitment marketing. In this recruitment video, we allowed the audience to hear directly from the company’s employees on the culture, the benefits, and the team as a whole.