Inspire Lens Media is a boutique video marketing company helping businesses, organizations, and institutions tell meaningful stories that make an impact. 


As a former TV reporter, some of the stories I was most passionate about were those of communities reaching out to help others. I love working with nonprofits and organizations to help share their stories with a wider audience. I become a true partner with my clients, helping to draw out the stories that speak to your mission in a way that connects with your target audience. I offer a list of video packages and plans that cater to each brand’s unique needs. 

Videography for Organizations

Now more than ever, video storytelling is helping businesses reach a wider audience and create meaningful connections with potential clients. I take pride in telling stories that are authentic to each brand with media plans that meet each business’ needs. My goal is to help companies use video to enhance their digital footprint and grow their businesses through memorable content.

Videography for Corporations

From the time I was eight years old, I knew I wanted to tell stories. I carved a path as a TV reporter, and for more than a decade I produced videos for award-winning newsrooms across the country. My journey has allowed me to share thousands of stories from small towns to the nation’s capital, sharing the faces and inspiration behind businesses, brands, and corporations. 

I launched Inspire Lens Media because I am passionate about telling meaningful stories and finding inspiring moments in everyday conversations that help brands stand out. I truly believe that everyone has a story and helping my clients uncover those stories and share them authentically has been so rewarding. 

When I’m not out on a shoot or putting together content, I love being a part of my own story – spending time with my husband, our three boys, and our rescue pup, Nittany!

Meet Amy

I’m a TV reporter turned video storytelling professional. I’m excited to hear your story!

In 2022, Inspire Lens Media expanded our services to include drone videography – aiming to take our clients’ content to a new level. Amy’s husband, Dane, joined the team to give clients even more video options to help tell their story!
Dane is a Navy veteran and avid aviation enthusiast set on bringing your story a unique perspective from the sky. He’s a certified drone pilot with the FAA and it’s no surprise that some of Amy’s artistic drive has rubbed off on Dane over the years! Dane brings a great blend of creativity for your video needs and the technical expertise in navigating evolving FAA UAS (drone) laws.

When he’s not working alongside Amy, he’s tackling defense issues with the US Government – our three boys call him a real-life Superhero! Dane loves spending time with his family, whether it’s at a sporting event for one of the boys, teaching them to fish at the lake, or getting creative at home. 

Meet Dane

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